Multiple Extractions/Wisdom Teeth

There are times where teeth can’t be saved and will need to be extracted. Multiple extractions may also be done in preparation for dentures or partials. Before this takes place, this treatment will be discussed by you and your dentist.

Wisdom teeth are the 3rd molars in your mouth, and the last teeth to erupt. There is usually not enough room in the mouth for these molars, which may cause them to be poorly positioned impacted teeth. When you don’t have the room and teeth are impacted, they may put pressure against the 2nd molars and jaw-bone.

There are also situations where the wisdom teeth have just enough room to partially erupt, but with the opening around the teeth, it allows bacteria to grow causing infection. This is called pericornitis. This is usually resolved once the teeth involved have been extracted.

When a patient is referred to us for tooth extraction, we will first have a consultation appointment. This will include a clinical exam and x-rays/panoramic radiograph.

You may choose if you’d like to have sleep dentistry or just local anesthetic. Once the teeth are removed, the gums may be sutured. You will receive post-operative instructions, a prescription for pain, and a follow up appointment date and time. Please not you will need transportation home if you choose to be sedated for your dental procedure.